PAM SHORT - Director

Our Director Pam joined Dewis in October 2016.

Pam has worked with young people throughout her career in the public, private and third sector in FE College, Training, the Secure Estate, Independent Registered Schools and bespoke education services. Pam has a Masters Level Diploma in Social Inclusion Management and is an experienced Senior Leader and Manager. 

Prior to joining Dewis, Pam was Head of a national charity providing education for young people at risk and is committed to a partnership approach to support young people to achieve substainable change.

Outside of work, Pam loves baking and treats the team to an occasional cake! Pam enjoys spending time with family and friends, walks along the beach, going to the theatre - anything musical or dramatic, a good book or old film, cooking and anything craft related.


JUDITH MILLER - Business Manager

Judith is the Business Manager at Dewis and has worked for the organisation since 1997. Judith says that “Working for a registered charity providing diverse services to young people is very rewarding – the focus is on people not profits.”

Outside of her role within the organisation, Judith enjoys baking the odd cake (roulade in particular), walking her adopted (previously homeless) dog, listening to a varied selection of music from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones and hopelessly trying to play the guitar.

“If I won the lottery I would buy a farm on a mountain and look after some rare breed pigs – joyo!”


ANGELA KNOX - Housing Officer

Angela has worked for Dewis since December 2002 and says that she works with young people because she is either stupid or mad! Seriously, Angela is motivated by seeing young people turn their lives around and achieving success in their lives.

Outside of work, Angela’s interests are running and she is also trying to learn the guitar without much success. If Angela won the lottery she would love to travel the world and not come back (unless to visit Dewis and our young people)!


BRONWEN WARD - Business Administrator

Bronwen has worked with Dewis since March 2009 and is now the Business Administrator for the organisation. 

Outside of Dewis, Bronwen has a busy family life and particularly enjoys spending time with her 2 small grandchildren who keep her on her toes! Bronwen also assists the International Professional Pool Players Assocation,to run their tournaments around the UK and enjoys socialising with the many friends that she has made over the years within the pool fraternity.

Having spent many a summer holiday on the beautiful island of Corfu, Bronwen is hoping that when she retires she will be able to base herself in the north-west area of the island from May - September each year and have family visit throughout the Summer for their holidays. 


JOYCE THOMAS - Housing Solutions Co-ordinator

Joyce joined Dewis as the Housing Solutions Co-ordinator in April 2015.

Joyce has enjoyed developing the Bond Scheme within the organisation and supporting young people to access private rented accommodation.

Outside of work Joyce enjoys going to the theatre with her grand-daughter, walking her dog and relaxing with family.


KELLY FIGONI - Housing Solutions Co-ordinator

Kelly has worked as an Inclusion Officer for Dewis since October 2008. Kelly chose to work with young people, as she likes a challenge and finds it very rewarding to see the changes she is able to make to their lives by working with them to achieve their goals.

Outside of work Kelly’s interest are her family, travelling and cooking and if she won the Lottery she would travel the world (and of course donate a little to charity).


MARK SHORT - Maintenance

Mark has worked for Dewis since March 2015.

Mark trained as a mechanic and worked for a variety of employers including an engineering company before setting up his own small business in Home Improvements and Gardening.  Mark has had a link with Dewis for a number of years working as a contractor prior to joining the team.

Mark enjoys the variety of work that his role brings and prides himself in doing a good job across the various Dewis properties. Whether painting, repairing or maintaining, he always has music playing in the background.

Outside work Mark loves the great outdoors and all it has to offer from wildlife to gardening.