A poem reflecting young peoples aspirations, goals and desires

During the intial period of his term as Dewis Patron (2013-2016) Martin Daws, The Young Persons Laureate for Wales and the young people supported by Dewis developed a poem reflecting their aspirations, goals and desires.

The result of the sessions was the following poem:-

I Just Want To Be

  • I want to know...

    the home
    the stability
    the belonging.
  • I want to know...

    the comfort
    the security
    the care.
  • I want to know...

    the feeling
    of being included.
  • I Just Want to Be.

  • I want to create...

    the home I have always seen.
  • I want to create...

    the structure of having a routine.
  • I want to create...

    the hapiness I have only ever dreamed.
  • I want to make...

    myself the heart of the team.
  • I want to be independent and feel respected.

  • I want to be strong and wanted by someone.

  • I want to inspire, help others break free.

  • I want to be closer, closer to me.

  • I just want to be.

Written by Dan, Sam, Gareth, John, Kyle, Charlotte, Annalise, with support from Martin Daws.